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The films are accompanied with summaries, and other filmographic data created by the filmmakers, which were used by the catalogers. Black Box gave voice and a face to those deprived of media visibility: those who dared to print samizdat, those who commemorated the Revolution, those who organized protests against the communist dictatorship, and those who demanded social and political change and advocated for national sovereignty before the regime change. Using the leading, accessible video format from the time, VHS and S-VHS, Black Box chronicled the events that took place in private flats, underground venues, bars, cinemas, theatres and finally in the streets.

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The video documentation created between and is the largest and most significant private regime change video archive in Hungary, now available at OSA. The film presents the commemoration ceremony of the revolution and Imre Nagy inaugurating a memorial designed rockefeller központ az anti aging László Rajk in the Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris on June,and the commemoration turned into an anti-dictatorship demonstration in Budapest on the same day.

It is based on reports and interviews with revolutionaries, relatives of those executed for their involvement in the revolution as well as political opposition figures.

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Fidesz, ; a significant documentary about the mass protests against the construction of the Gabčíkovo—Nagymaros dams over the Danube The Facility, ; and Demand of the People on unauthorized political events. Following the regime change inBlack Box turned their attention more and more to marginalized social groups, living on the peripheries of the Hungarian society, with special focus on the homeless, mentally challenged, and the Roma communities.

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Black Box was awarded the Pulitzer Memorial Prize in and several other pizes. Accruals Conditions of Access and Use Conditions governing access.

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