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Anti aging para que sirve

The treatment can be applied to the eyelids neck face arms. It can be performed anywhere on the body including the face neck arms stomach buttocks and legs.

Leírás A termék részletei Hozzávalók Címkék Értékelések Leírás The product has strong effects of muscle relaxation and relief of tired, tense legs. The gel structure ensures rapid absorption, while creating a protective layer on the surface of the skin, with cooling effect.

anti aging para que sirve

Relieves tired legs With ginger extract Dermatological tested The legs are an important part of the body because it supports its weight throughout the day.

Therefore, to be able to perform daily activities as comfortably as possible, it is necessary for the feet to be as relaxed and rested as possible. Feet can be overloaded not only because of strenuous physical activity but also because of prolonged standing or lack of proper movement.

Me aplique ÁCIDO HIALURONICO En mis ojeras (les cuento todo).

Also, inadequate footwear causes fatigue and tension in the legs as well as tight clothing. At the same time, people with poor blood circulation feel more fatigue in their feet, as well as obese people. The combination of active ingredients in the formula - Ghimbir extract rich in volatile oils, proteins, minerals, vitaminspure wild chestnut, menthol, Sepitonic M3 zinc, magnesium and copper salts - creates a synergism of important action for relaxation of tired feet.

anti aging para que sirve

By using the product regularly, the pain and tension are removed and the feet remain relieved and soft. Benefits It gives muscle relaxation, cooling and draining tired legs. Reduces discomfort of tired or tense feet.

anti aging para que sirve

It provides comfort on the sole of the foot, especially for active people. A termék részletei.