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JDO was briefed to design a premium tier of products, differentiated from the base range by an advanced formula and more indulgent ingredients. The designs culminate in a vibrant watercolour illustration acting as a metaphor for the indulgent blending of exotic ingredients and fragrant moments.

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A fusion of intense natural colours and alluring photographic images further entices the consumer to the packs. Peach blossom, green tea and jasmine oil are just a few of the distinctive scents used in the range with each variant using specific imagery to represent the provenance of the ingredients and fragrance.

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JDO has also re-worked the Alberto Balsam word mark employing hand drawn typography and gently evolving the logo to incorporate the old ladle motif in a more modern way. With its bold brand blocking and use of intense colour, the designs deliver a beautiful new aesthetic for the brand and an nova care anti aging hotspot on pack as well as on shelf.

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The aim was also to elevate the ingredient story to fully communicate the quality and innovative nature of the products. We wanted the designs to feel abundantly fragrant as well deeply nourishing. It can now continue its appeal to consumers as a brand with a deep rooted heritage in fragrance, simplicity and value for money but at a more premium level.

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Linda testar: Flytande mineralfoundation från Oriflame hej på er! Fundationen är heltäckande och innehåller SPF Den innehåller bioaktiva mineraler från vulkanen Etna som ger näring åt huden.

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