Christian Frey

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Passion and creativity combined with integrity and accountability are our driving forces.

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Personally, such ingredients, I believe, make the perfect burglauenen suisse anti aging to achieve excellence in providing private client services. Ultimately, client confidence and mutual trust are the basis of our business, values we treasure as our utmost privilege.


Frey The Digital Difference CSF has been one of the early Swiss fiduciary firms making use of technology in the area of digitizing company- as well as accounting documents since We understood the immediate cost- and time savings of electronic archiving at that time.

And we continue to strongly believe that efficiency in our day-to-day work may be greatly increased by integrating latest technology.

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Ever since we are passionately working with system integrators to develop new solutions and tools in order to improve, not only internal workflows and processes, but also customer experience by providing state-of-the-art online access to in-house reporting and financial information.

Increased efficiency automatically translates into cost optimization, an added value which plays an important role when choosing a partner for the long run.

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Despite our steady commitment to be a front-runner in the digital age, by all means, we remain focused on the human relation of our business. As such we always put the personal client-adviser relationship in the very heart of our advisory work. Our Team.

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