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Until this point the identity formation was interpreted as a construction of elites.


However, as it was emphasized in the theoretical part of the paper, collective identity is also an ongoing socialization process, in which individuals internalize the norms and the values of the community and formulate their own mix of attachments. Why are European citizens so receptive to the trends of territorialisation?

C'est l'imprimerie qui nous a fait entrer dans la société de l'information. Si tout le monde s'accorde sur ce point, rien ne s'avère plus difficile que de retracer la genèse de cette société.

Answers could be found in the writings of identity theorists. In order to be able to affect the process of collective identity formation, the targeted individuals should be included in the process.

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Thus, a certain level of intimacy or closeness to the individuals is composants pc suisse anti aging. Authors of identity theories all agree that the too big, too composants pc suisse anti aging, and too over- regulated communities and organisations are not able to affect identity formation because these are only able view their members in their partial functionality, which Studies is often not enough for forming real, deep emotional attachments.

Young,Pataki,Koller, 51 Conversely, sub-national territorialisation can pro- vide the required closeness to the individuals. Namely, carrying out the place-based strategy and increasing a higher level of territorial cohesion at local and regional levels can contribute to enhance the involvement of the European citizens in their local and regional endeavours and projects, and activate them in their sub-national communities.

Activating European citizens in their communities can have numerous positive outcomes10, among which from collective identities point of view the most notable is that it is expected to strengthen the civic nature of their attachments. Further, the re-territorialisation of Europe can also lead to a better imagining of the common Europe too, since the positive examples of the EU supported projects can be perceived not only from distance anti aging creme nedir in their physical reality.

The boundary issues of re-territorialisation As territorial cohesion was codified in the Lisbon Treaty, and the objective to achieve territorial cohesion gains widespread support both among the elites and the general public, it should be asked how this process could affect European identity?

Does re- territorialisation lead to unity or more fragmentation in the common Europe? Above the prospects of the enhanced territorial cohesion were mentioned, but here some of the threats of the re-territorialisation tendencies should be revealed.

By defining our collective identities we continuously draw imaginative bounda- ries that delineate our communities from the others, thus identity formation is also about inclusion and exclusion at the same time.

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If the role of sub-national governance structures is strengthened and the sub-national territorialisation of col- See Study on Active Citizenship Education.

This could happen because individuals would see competing identities in the other emerging territorial units. Increased competition among the sub-national communities is also an outcome of a higher level of territorialistation.

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The economic rationality and the market exposure also composants pc suisse anti aging this trend, while it is the cities and regions interest to be best positioned for getting development funds and using the opportunities pro- vided in the national arena as well as in a wider Europe.

Keating,Bollens Nevertheless, the competition of sub-national units can be favourable for the com- mon Europe too, because as cities and sub-state territories become more embedded in European networks, and as more often interact and communicate with each other, the exclusionary nature of their collective identity becomes moderated.

Nonetheless, a lot is dependent upon the sub-national leaders intentions. It makes a clear composants pc suisse anti aging ence if they are packaging sub-state nationalism in ethnic-based, inward looking, separatist wrapping or defining their identity as a mutually open, civic-based, but culturally and historically peculiar category.

We can find examples for both kinds in contemporary Europe. Apart from the sub-state territorialisation, another major development in European integration should be mentioned, namely the spread of differentiated integration in various forms multi-speed Europe, variable geometry, a la Carte Europe etc. Differentiated integration can be interpreted as a boundary is- sue and a continuous formation of new clubs of membership in connection with the European integration.

Forming a new club and delineating its boundaries also means including the joining members and excluding those composants pc suisse anti aging do not participate in the cooperation, therefore differentiated integration composants pc suisse anti aging also about defining ins One of the most comprehensive typologies of differentiated integration comes from Stubb 11 who defined three vita liberata self tanning anti age serum forms of differentiated integration: Multi-speed EU can be defined as the mode of differentiated integration according to which the pursuits of common objec- tives is driven by a core group of member states which are both able and willing to pursue some policy areas further, the underlying assumption being that others will follow later 1 ; Variable geometry can be defined as the mode of differentiated integration which admits to unattainable differences within the main integrative structure by allowing permanent and irreversible separation between the core of countries and lesser developed integrative units.

In line with the spread of differenti- ated integration, the mirror of self-understanding of the Union becomes vague and uncertain. It is not so obvious to define who belongs to us and them any more. Being a member of the EU 28, the Euro-zone, Schengen Zone or part of the European Economic Area or cooperating with the EU in the framework of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement all represent a different type of club membership and all in an exclusionary way.

Apparently, the value of these club memberships differs to a large extent. Thus, differentiated integration can also be interpreted as forming new fragmentation lines in the Union, thereby establishing new boundaries inside and outside the EU as well. The establishment of the so-called functional macro-regions could be also be interpreted as outcomes of differentiated integration. Due to the launch of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, the Danube Region Strategy, or the just to be born EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region, other in between Studies territorial composants pc suisse anti aging, the so-called functional macro-regions appeared on the scene that aim to foster territorial cohesion, but geographically in a different size than cities or sub-national regions.

We can further speculate on the future paths of re-territorialisation tendencies within the Union, nevertheless it can be projected that the various communities sub-national or macro regions interconnectedness is going be the crucial indica- tor whether they are going to become building blocks of a wider European space or undermining forces in the project of common Europe.

As the dynamic models of multiple identities suggest, it is not at all necessary for identity elements to be in a hierarchical structure, individuals are capable of having many different attachments that are not exclusionary in nature.

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Finally, it should not be forgotten that in the era of information technology, there are numerous de-territorialized methods of identity formation and community building that can counteract the re-territorialisation proc- esses.

The concept of territorial cohesion is far from being fully elaborated in the Unions documents, but as a concept through which the European Union aims to find the lost consent of people to the common European project.

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From an identity point of view, the place-based strategy can be the tool to effectively target the people by their immedi- ate vicinity, the cities and regions. As it was demonstrated by bringing up examples of re-territorialisation in Europe, this identity building strategy could be efficient because of the geographical closeness to individuals and the wide range of tangible elements of cultural heritage available. An enhanced territorial cohesion can have an overall positive effect on activating European citizens, and by this can contribute to the strengthening of the civic component of their European identity.

Finally, however the possible threats of re-territorialistation tendencies to common Europe were also 28 European Integration: Perspectives and Challenges gathered by bringing up the examples of not only the emerging sub-national but the macro-regional units as well.

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