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Cosmetic anti aging

The harmony of the triad of the external beauty, physical and mental health is the key of our anti-aging philosophy.

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Our centre is exclusively specialized for beauty services cosmetic anti aging order to satisfy the highest needs of our customers. You can find wide range of medical aesthetic care at our cosmetic anti aging, which we continuously widen with the latest, internationally used therapies.


Everybody likes to be attractive, fancy and feel good. As we all know, the beauty arising from emanation, covers not only the appearance. The beauty comes from within. Maybe someone is externally very beautiful and in the meantime doesn't feel him good, doesn't see himself nice. In vain has one good physical conditions, if doesn't eat healthy, doesn't take enough antioxidants, thus in course of time his skin loses his tightness and different skin alterations such wrinkles will appear and the skin begins to get older.

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The aging can be slowed down! Both externally and internally. In this matter we can help, because we see what the aesthetic together with health preservation capable of.

Korcsoport: Három éve használom ezt a készletet, ajándékba kaptam amúgy, és azt kell hogy mondjam lenyomja a drágább árkategóriás arckérmeket. Mennyiségben és minőségben is. Alapvetően pattanásokra hajlamos bőrtípusom van, így amikor először használtam voltak fenntartásaim.

After a profound consultiattion and professional skin type analysis, we provide a targeted skin care therapy, and as a holistic experts we give port de lutry suisse anti aging and skincare guidance, tailor-made services and product offer.

You can choose among our services, treatments according to your needs We help you to create a personalized treatment program that delivers the best possible results based on your needs If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. Review confirmed by email Thorough Professionalism, guidance and his assistant, you both are very friendly and helpful 5 50 Acne Scars Treatment I am a Swiss resident and Asian origin.

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips - Dr. Anthony Youn

For the longest time, I was looking for a very good dermatologist who can fix my skin problem. I have unpleasant acne scars on my face which are very annoying and I have pigmentation too.

The 21 minerals present in the Dead Sea salt maintain the skin's natural hydration, tone the skin tissue, stimulate blood circulation and help eliminate toxins. The seaweed extract Porphyridium Cruentum and hyaluronic acid present in the composition of the cream have a strong effect of smoothing wrinkles and reducing their depth, by filling them from the inside.

Luckily I was able to book an appointment with Dr Kornél prior to my short trip to Budapest last year at the end of October. I had visited his office twice and both I had excellent experiences. On my first visit, I had facial rejuvenation treatment on my face and on my second I had Dracula treatment on my face.

Az öregedésgátlás kulcsa nálunk a külső szépség, a testi és lelki egészség hármasának harmóniája. Központunk kizárólag a legnagyobb igényeket is kielégítő szépészeti szolgáltatásokra specializálódott.

Right now I am happy with the result of the treatment. I am looking forward to my next appointment at the end of February.

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Dr Kornél and his staff speak English and that makes a lot easier to communicate. I thank Dr. Kornél very much from the bottom of my heart for helping me with your excellent treatment option, thorough Professionalism, guidance and his assistant, you both are very friendly and helpful.

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I highly recommend Dr Kornél to everyone who is dealing with skin issues. Treated by: Dr Kornél Széchenyi