Magyar huszárok francia földön - Hussards Hongrois en France [Hungarian hussars in France]

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The Hungarian exiles in France and in the Ottoman Empire maintained relations with each other, and French diplomacy took advantage of this political contact, which rested on the anti-Habsburg traditions. French archives have preserved the names of several French agents of Hungarian origin, who executed certain military and diplomatic tasks in the period.

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The military missions' aim usually was to recruit reserves for the French hussar regiments in Rodostó and the Moldavian territories bordering the Habsburg Empire. The French ambassadors in Istanbul often recommended diplomatic tasks to the care of Hungarian officers that spoke good Turkish, were familiar with the country and had useful con- nections with the Ottomans.

One of the best-known agents was András Tóth, the officer of the French Bercsényi hussar regiment.

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Together with other Hungarian expatriates, he held diplomatic offices, e. The most impor- tant missions of the Hungarian agents took place during the Austrian-Ottoman war of and the subsequent peace negotiations, where they took part in the secret talks.

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In the middle of the century, at the end of the Austrian War of SuccessionAndrás Tóth was sent to the Ottoman Empire expressly to establish a connection with the Hungarian exile in Rodostó. At the idea of a probable Hungarian diversion, Count Mihály Csáki, the doyen of the exile in Rodostó, turned to the French court with the bold plan of offering the Hungarian crown to the son of Louis XV, in return for the French military support. Certainly, the French government threw out the plan, but a few years later, inAndrás Tóth was sent to Rodostó for a second time to gather information.

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Count Csáki raised the issue again, and the two expatriates began to organise themselves. Eventually, the Austrian-French alliance inand the death of the two exiles in the following year upset the calculations These were the last histoire de limmigration suisse anti aging of French diplomacy regarding a possible Hungarian diversion, which was obviously foredoomed to failure. Nevertheless, there were several more agents of Hungarian origin in later times that served the French foreign service.

histoire de limmigration suisse anti aging

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