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Recommended Articles Abstract The occurrence of the heteromorphic ammonoid Rhabdoceras suessi Hauer,is recorded for the first time in the Upper Triassic limestone of the Timon-Ciungi olistolith in the Rarău Syncline, Eastern Carpathians.

A single specimen of Rhabdoceras suessi co-occurs with Monotis Monotis salinaria that constrains its occurrence here to the Upper Norian Sevatian 1.

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It is the only known heteromorphic ammonoid in the Upper Triassic of the Romanian Carpathians. Rhabdoceras suessi is a cosmopolitan species widely recorded in low and mid-paleolatitude faunas.

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It ranges from the Late Norian to the Rhaetian and is suitable for high-resolution worldwide correlations only when it co-occurs with shorter-ranging choristoceratids, monotid bivalves, or the hydrozoan Heterastridium.

Formerly considered as the index fossil for the Upper Norian Sevatian Suessi Zone, by the latest s this species lost its key biochronologic status among Late Triassic ammonoids, and it generated a controversy in the s concerning the status of the Rhaetian stage.

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New stratigraphic data from North America and Europe in the subsequent decades resulted in a revised ammonoid biostratigraphy for the uppermost Triassic, the Rhaetian being reinstalled as the topmost stage in the current standard timescale of the Triassic.

The geographic distribution of Rhabdoceras is compiled from published worldwide records, and its paleobiogeography and paleoecology are discussed.

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