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Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics. This look didn't last long. Shortly after the Transformers arrived on Earth, Sparkplug Anti aging természetes tippek csökkentő suffered a heart attack, so Ratchet drove Sparkplug and his son Buster to the hospital.

It was during this leave that Shockwave freed himself from his four-million-year sleep and completely wiped out the fuel-deprived Autobot forces with one blast. The Last Stand Ratchet soon discovered, to his horror, that he was the last Autobot still functional on Earth, up against the entire Decepticon army. Covertly invading the Ark, he learned that even the mighty Optimus Prime had fallen. However, Prime's head, though detached, still functioned, and the Autobot Commander told Ratchet that he must rise up to meet this challenge.

Ratchet did not believe he could; he was a doctor, not a warrior dammit, Jim. Warrior School! The more you know! Shockwave had returned in full strength and deposed the mighty Megatron. In his weakened state, Megatron could not hope to defeat Shockwave and reclaim his leadership, but Ratchet approached him with a possible solution. Ratchet knew how Shockwave had fallen 4 million years ago, and struck a deal: If Ratchet could defeat Shockwave, Megatron would relinquish Decepticon control of the Ark and its wrecked Autobot inhabitants.

Ratchet journeyed to the Savage Landwhere the Dinobots had fought Shockwave to a stalemate, leaving all dormant in a tar pit prison. He dug up the Dinobots and repaired them.

Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging

Soon after, he met with Megatron on a snowy ski slope and announced that he Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging fulfilled his half of the bargain; Shockwave was defeated. Megatron, of course, went Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging on his part of the deal and threatened to kill Ratchet.

Ratchet declared that he knew all along Megatron would not hold up his end of the bargain and admitted that he had not, in fact, defeated Shockwave. The Dinobots sprung up out of the snow surrounding Megatron and fought him, but did not succeed. Megatron now stood alone, triumphant, mocking Ratchet and his lack of a warrior's edge.

With nothing to lose, Ratchet charged Megatron, but he was ineffectual. However, the charge had loosened the ground on which Megatron stood, and the Decepticon leader fell Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging the cliff side and disappeared. Repeat Performance! Decepticon Dam-Busters! When they arrived, Ratchet and the Dinobots found the Ark defended by Guardianan Autobot combat drone which had been reprogrammed by Shockwave.

Ratchet rescued the Dinobots from the powerful drone by remembering and exploiting one of its few weaknesses, an access port which could admit a fine laser. Ratchet then began the task of repairing the Autobots, placing priority on those whose command skills would be useful. This put him at odds with Dinobot leader Grimlockwho felt that the fallen Dinobot Swoop should be repaired first. The Wrath of Grimlock! When Prowl devised a plan to use the Matrix to create an army of monstrous Autobot warriors, debate over the plan's ethics threatened to divide the Autobots.

Ratchet remained neutral and asked Optimus Prime to step in öregedésgátló adalékok műanyagok provide guidance. Crisis of Command! Ratchet and Wheeljack collaborated on öregedésgátló tippek a 20-as éveinek Transformer-sized robotic suit, to be used by Buster Witwicky in battle. Optimus Prime was unamused. Robot Buster! Such irony. After the destruction of Optimus Prime, Ratchet was not able to repair him.

Unable to deal with his failure, Ratchet wandered off on his own during Optimus's funeral. Ratchet decided that rather than moping, he should concern himself with the other damaged Autobots under his care, so he headed towards a junkyard to look for spare parts he could use.

However, he was abducted in vehicle mode by the Mechanic and his accomplice Juan when the two thieves were found by the police. Ratchet revealed himself when they arrived at the Mechanic's hideout, but the Mechanic froze Ratchet with his own surgical weapons and headed for the Ark, intent on finding technology that would ensure he would never be threatened by the police again.

When he had unfrozen, Ratchet followed the human back to the Ark, but was defeated by his own surgical tools. But anti aging turmixok pieces he took from the junkyard, he repaired Prowland the appearance of the police car frightened the Mechanic away.

Funeral for a Friend! When an Underbase -powered Starscream decimated the Earthbound Autobot forces, Ratchet was left with the monumental task of repairing them. During a period of work-induced stress, he began to hallucinate visions of his patients attacking him and accusing him of being worthless.

It was during this time that the Decepticon Sports Car Patrolposing as Autobots, offered to help transport Ratchet to Cybertron, where he could have access to new medical technology that had been created during his 4-million-year absence on Earth. Ratchet's concerns were answered when, upon arrival on Cybertron, he saw standing before him the believed-to-be-deceased Megatron, who had orchestrated the entire scheme.

Forrás One of the central questions of social theory has been the relationship between class and knowledge, and this has also been a crucial question in the history of socialism.

Back from the Dead Megatron brought Ratchet the remains of Starscream, demanding Ratchet repair the Air Commander while Blackjack held the Ark and its medical bay inhabitants hostage. Ratchet agreed, and he used Pretender technology to repair Starscream while secretly repairing Grimlock, Jazz, and Goldbug as well.

Transformer robot

The Resurrection Gambit! Ratchet sprung Grimlock, Jazz, and Bumblebee Ratchet preferred Bumblebee's original form on Megatron, but Megatron and his Micromasters were too powerful for them. The Pretenders and Micromasters' battle wandered outside the Decepticon base, and Ratchet was left alone. Sacrificing his life, Ratchet warped the bombs Blackjack had put on the Ark into the Decepticon base in an attempt to kill both himself and Megatron.


Megatron tried to escape through the warp portal, but Ratchet tackled him, and the base exploded. Optimus Prime was devastated by the loss of Ratchet. Yesterday's Heroes! He assigned the detective Nightbeat to investigate Ratchet's death, and Nightbeat hypothesized that Ratchet could possibly still be alive. There was an initial blast which could have knocked Ratchet into the portal and into unspacea netherworld between the warp portal's starting and ending points.

A probe was sent to retrieve him, and it succeeded—but it also brought back Megatron, who was fused with Ratchet as a single, monstrous being.

This put Optimus Prime in an awkward position: Was the life of Ratchet worth the possible loss of his other troops? The creature fought his way into the engine rooms and began tearing stuff apart, and Prime's choice was made for him: The creature must be stopped.

In an unpopular decision, Optimus Prime ordered Fixit to separate Megatron and Ratchet, even if it meant saving Megatron. Bonded at a molecular level, neither could survive without the other, even when separated. The Price of Life!

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Just tell him how many already! Separated by Fixit, they remained in stasis on the Ark until Grimlock and his Nucleon -revived Dinobots found the Ark abandoned during the Transformers' battle with Unicron.

They filled the entire medical bay chambers with Nucleon, not aware that Megatron lay there in storage. The Void!

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Still Life! However, just as Megatron awoke, Starscream and Shockwave were interrupted by Galvatron IIwho had snuck on board before launch. While Galvatron and Megatron teamed up on Shockwave, Starscream went to check on any other possible survivors in the medical bay.

He found Ratchet, whose mind was still connected to Megatron's, and Starscream fought the confused Autobot easily. However, when Starscream mused that Ratchet was no fun to kill, Ratchet became enraged and defeated him in a berserker state. Determined to end what he had started, Ratchet blew up the Ark as it was approaching Earth's orbit, sending all four Decepticons and himself to a supposed death.

In Timelines: Games of Deceptionhowever, Ratchet's deactivated body can be Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging lying behind Megatron in the background. Marvel UK future timelines Ratchet was present at the Ark in when Ultra Magnus announced his plans for a fully-functional transforming fortress known as Autobot City. Ratchet Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging as chief medical officer of the Ark on its mission to seek out new energy sources to fuel the Autobot struggle against the Decepticons.

When the Ark was boarded by the crew of the NemesisRatchet attempted to defend his ship by attacking Soundwavebut was thrown into a computer console for his trouble.

Ratchet and the other Transformers were forced into emergency stasis lock when the out-of-control Ark crashed into a volcano on a primitive planet. Four million years later, the volcano erupted, activating Teletraan I to rebuild the Autobots and Decepticons. Ratchet was rebuilt into a human-scaled ambulance. After Hound and Cliffjumper's failed scouting mission ended in a counterattack by LaserbeakRatchet arrived with Hauler to pull the damaged Hound out of a ravine.

Once he finished repairing Hound, Ratchet was part of the battlegroup sent to stop the Decepticons stealing the oil from an off-shore oil rig. However, he did not fare well in this battle. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 2 When Optimus Prime was caught in the explosion of the Ruby Crystal Mines of BurmaRatchet helped the Autobot leader recover, but evidently his skills as a medic were not required, as Prime was totally fine after transforming back into robot mode.

Soon afterwards, Ironhide was shot by Skywarp, so Ratchet carried the old-timer back to base for repairs. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 3 During an ill-fated Autobot attempt to defend the local solar power plant, Starscream managed to shoot the guns out of Ratchet and Prowl's hands. Smarting from the concussion blast, Ratchet called for the Autobots to fall back. However, Ironhide once again managed to get himself damaged while saving Optimus Prime. Ironhide objected to Ratchet and Sparkplug's diagnosis of his damage, but Ratchet warned him against backtalk or the medic would short out Ironhide's mouth circuit.

To prevent further argument, he shut down Ironhide, cutting off the warrior in mid-sentence.

Transformer robot

After the Autobots were led into a trap by a reprogrammed Bumblebee, Ratchet discovered the tampering done by the Decepticons and restored the little Autobot. Transport to Oblivion In addition to patching up his fellow warriors whenever someone usually Megatron had roughed them up a little, Ratchet was also in charge of helping whenever Wheeljack had another invention in the making.

Working together, the two Autobots designed and built the Dinobots more or less from scratch—and did a pretty good job, considering they were working with substandard materials.

Dinobots Ratchet was also responsible for saving Optimus Prime's life, performing a daring surgery on the Autobot leader while subjected to attacks by Laserbeak.

Divide and Conquer When Skyfire refused to assassinate the Autobots and was gunned down by Starscreamit was Ratchet who reconstructed the giant Decepticon scientist and gave him the chance to reform. Inafter Spike was injured during a battle with the Decepticons, Ratchet carried their injured human friend to the metro hospital.

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While Spike's mind was transferred into the Autobot X experimental body Sparkplug had made earlier, Ratchet repaired the battle-damaged Bumblebee, but was forced to cut short his repairs after Spike went on a rampage in his new body. After Spike's mind was returned to his real body, Ratchet theorised that he could probably fix the problems in the mind-transfer process, but thought it was better left alone.

After the Decepticons retreated, Ratchet and Wheeljack argued over which wire they had to disconnect to stabilize the Sun. However, nobody seemed to notice that he and Gears sounded exactly the same. In the yearwhile piloting a secret mission to Autobot City in order to gather a stockpile of energon from Earth, Ratchet and his allies were attacked by Megatron. Ratchet and Ironhide returned fire, but they were both shot repeatedly and left for dead on the floor of the shuttle as the Decepticons continued with their attack on Autobot City.

The Transformers: The Movie Ratchet's body was evidently recovered for interment, as his grave was housed in the interstellar Autobot Mausoleum.

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Sadly, it was not Ratchet's fate to rest in peace; along with the mausoleum itself, Ratchet's remains were later plunged into a sun as a side-effect of a Quintesson plot.

Dark Awakening Binaltech Along with WheeljackRatchet helped implant Chip Chase's consciousness into the lifeless Prowl-2 shell when Prowl's spark was lost in subspace.

Barely alive. Ratchet receives a visit from Optimus Prime and the Autobots. They follow him inside, where he has set up a clinic for injured bots. Ratchet refuses to go back to that life.

Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging

He pulls out a blaster and demands that they leave. When Mirage prepares for a fight, Impactor tackles him to the ground.

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Most of the Autobots are shocked that Ratchet had healed Impactor, a known Decepticon. Since the war affected everyone in Cybertron so much, Ratchet had become a neutral medic, fixing any injured Autobot and even Decepticon he comes across.

Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging

Impactor explains that he was pre-determined to slave away in the mines, pulling energon from the core until death or deactivation. Ratchet tells the Autobots that he has no desire to help them fix the Spacebridge.

However, upon learning that Megatron plans to weaponize the Allsparkhe Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging.

Combiners wars ultra prime anti aging

They join Mirage down below while he watches as Impactor helps an Autobot. Everyone he helps has to help everyone else, regardless of faction.