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The study gives an overview on the extreme views on Gábor Bethlen in the early modern era as well as in posterity.

This ruler of the Transylvanian state—a tributary of the Ottoman Empire, but also belonging to the power sphere of keresztény opitz anti aging Habsburgs—was on the one hand regarded as a creature of the Turks, on the other as a monarch who had profound influence upon the fate of Europe.

The paper shows how Bethlen created tranquility, security and economic stability in the country which had been ruined, destroyed by Ottoman and imperial military interventions and on the verge of civil war.

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Having a wide range of political experience and a good knowledge of contemporary political theories, the prince managed to accommodate absolutist government and mercantilist economic policies to Transylvanian circumstances. He was nevertheless unable to compete with the propaganda campaign against him.

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Options for Presence Upon his election as prince by the Diet of Kolozsvár on October 23,Gábor Bethlen announced the essence of his program: only peace could save a nation so reduced and ruined by wars from utter destruction.

Tartar armies plundered the villages along the River Szamos, and on the western border of the country, castles were being captured by Matthias II, Holy Roman emperor and king of Hungary. In Vienna, the election was seen as both a Protestant and an Ottoman onslaught.

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Bethlen was proclaiming a vision of peace while his country faced the threat of civil war and an eruption of the Habsburg—Ottoman conflict. Bethlen managed to persuade the Ottomans to leave the country after his accession to the throne, but immediately found himself in an impossible position.

Antithetical opinions exist in both European and Transylvanian Protestantism. While Reformed church historiographers note the appearance of a written confession of faith of a given religious denomination unambiguously as a defijining moment of religious identity, secular historians often consider the con- fessio fijidei only as a typical manifestation of the religious élite, i. In this lat- ter view the emphasis lies on the historicity of the religion and not on its spirituality or beliefs. According to the church-historical defijinition, the Reformation is a belief-continuum, a process of disseminating the gos- pel in which God is the main acting subject.

He fully experienced the fragility of the Transylvanian state in his youth. His grandfather fought in the Battle of Mohácswhere the forces of Sultan Süleyman shattered the unity of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The estates the family had held since the fourteenth century, together with the family seat of Iktár, lay in the two-thirds of the kingdom occupied by the Ottomans.

His father Farkas Bethlen, after defending the castle of Gyula on behalf of the king against an Ottoman siege, resettled in Transylvania.

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His father was captain-general of the Principality and the military honors he earned in the service of Stephen Báthory, prince of Transylvania and king of Poland, earned him estates with many villagesbut after his early death, Prince Sigismund Báthory took his castle—which keresztény opitz anti aging in the border country—under control of the treasury.

His mother, Fruzsina Lázár, came from a senior family of Székely land, an area of Transylvania with considerable autonomy and border defense duties. She followed her husband shortly after his death.

He was employed as page in the political center of Transylvania, the court of Prince Zsigmond Báthory. It was to be a formative experience for him, where as an adolescent he had his first glimpse of the new political culture, a subject we will return to.

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When the conflict broke out between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires inPrince Zsigmond Báthory entered the fray in alliance with Emperor Rudolf. He fought beside András Báthory and, bleeding from many wounds, fled to Ottoman lands.

With Ottoman assistance, he took part in the military ventures of Prince Mózes Székely, who hímivarsejt anti aging Basta twice —and he was an eyewitness when the princely palace in Gyulafehérvár burned and the cathedral tower with its clock fell to the ground.

That was when Bethlen started to seek out for himself political options that could free the Principality from the stifling grip of the Habsburg and Ottoman powers.

Táplálkozási tényezők[ szerkesztés ] A grafikonon mutatja, hogy és között az élelmiszerenergia-fogyasztás világszerte fokozatosan növekedett személyenként és naponta.

His soldiers elected him prince, and the Porte supported him even then. But Bethlen considered István Bocskai, former counselor to the prince and Captain of Várad now Oradea, Romaniaas better suited to defend the constitution of Transylvania and Hungary and to lead the way out of a horrific war which had pitched the land into anarchy.

He abolished the privileges of the Saxons, led a campaign against the Romanian voivodates of Moldavia and Wallachia, and lived the life of a gilded youth.

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He was not mature for princely power. He was a pivotal figure in Transylvanian politics, the captain-in-chief of the household cavalry, főispán of Hunyad county, and captain-in-chief of Csíkszék, Gyergyószék and Kászonszék.

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Infallen from grace, he had to seek refuge in Ottoman lands. We can only speculate as to what soured his relations with the young prince. He visited all of the pashas of the Ottoman castles, travelled to Belgrade and Buda, won over the Catholic aristocrats of Transylvania, had an audience with the sultan in Adrianople, and keresztény opitz anti aging the Saxons behind him.

Some wanted an interregnum. Others proposed that Transylvania be governed by a triumvirate rather than a prince.

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In the end, the desire to be free of the Ottoman troops drove the estates to unanimously lay down their votes for one of the two candidates, Gábor Bethlen. Government and politics were in transformation throughout the continent, with new shared values emerging in the economy, in culture, and in forms of governance. Discoveries were making the world bigger. The centers of this new power were the cities with the largest printing presses: Venice, Vienna, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam.

The printed media rapidly and efficiently disseminated the news to serve political interests, but on a commercial basis.

It is impossible to tell with any precision, but he was certainly the first Hungarian statesman to become what we would now call a media star. Bethlen appreciated how the Turks, and the frightening image of them, could be put to use as a propaganda weapon. Why, if this is no dishonor for such fine kings, emperors and realms and does not lead to their ejection from the company of Christian countries, is Transylvania alone so accused, and scourged and condemned without mercy?

As far as we know, the prince did not make the circumstances of his election public.

It was a serious mistake, but unavoidable. Transylvania keresztény opitz anti aging neither the means nor the capability to connect into the information network. More modern procedures for the exercise of power, however, were being demanded by the changes in Europe.

Bethlen took up the princely scepter fully prepared, with a definite program, and built up his power as a true sovereign. His appointments to the governing body, the Princely Council, were designed to serve his interests, but he made realistic deference to the political, religious, ethnic and economic composition of feudal society and included men with special expertise.

A szántás mellett a még megma- radt halmokat az illegális kincskeresők is fo- lyamatosan károsítják.

He repossessed previously alienated treasury estates and sources of income. Despite many compromises, he introduced strict central governmental control and, over the years, suppressed the political influence of the Diet.

Above all, it demanded a sovereign—or a statesman advising the sovereign—who was capable of employing the new techniques of politics and diplomacy. Politics had become a science, with a language differentiated for specific aims and requirements. Bethlen was lacking in traditional schooling, and had not attended a foreign university.

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As a result, it was thought for a long time that his grasp of political science was instinctive in origin. He became familiarized with the requirements of a Catholic court and princely image-building.

He gained insight into foreign relations, the forms of expression of power and culture, simulation, and the new methods of politics. He was present at the Diet of Pozsony now Bratislava, Slovakiathe city beside the Danube which had become capital of the Kingdom of Hungary after the fall of Buda.