Balea Anti-Wrinkle Mask 2 x 8 ml

Vitamin anti aging skin


    On average, our skin is completely renewed in every 28 days. As a result, and due to environmental factors sunlight, smogour skin loses its natural radiance and may also have pigmentation, aging and liver spots. If you do not pay enough attention to your skin care, then after a while you are guaranteed to face the problem of gray, dull skin. Use chemical exfoliants!

    Avoid contact with the vitamin anti aging skin. For external use only!

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    These ampoules are recommended for people who need moisturizing and stimulate the process of cell renewal - tired skin, skin that requires smoothing of the skin, smooth and expressive skin, acne skin. Active ingredients Pure hyaluronic acid contributes in the increase of the related water quantity at the level of the horny layer and in mitigating transepidermal water loss.

    Liposomes with hyaluronic acid are absorbed into the skin and provide hydration at the level of the dermis.

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    Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. Directions for use Drain all the serum in the lower part of the vial and then position the vial with the breaking point up-front.

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    In order to protect the hands, the vial should be wrapped in a napkin before being broken. The content of a vial will be capsized into the palm and applied through light massage onto the face freshly cleaned of make-up traces.

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    After the serum is absorbed, apply the day care cream. Vials can be used simultaneously or alternatively. Use a hyaluronic acid ampoule in the morning and a collagen ampoule in the evening.

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    Both types of ampoules can be applied daily in combination with the maintenance cream. Test the variants and, depending on the results, set the right routine for you.

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    Hyaluronic acid vials are recommended around the age of 30, for people who start to face fine wrinkles or expression. Apply to clean skin without acne, lesions, irritation.

    They can also be used under the age of 30, but with a lower frequency, to improve the appearance of the skin after treating the acne problems. Gerovital - Brand nr.

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