Eszter Eppler, on the Zionist resistance in Budapest in – · Early Holocaust testimony

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Text from page1 The person in question has given us the following information: Around the middle of June,two Slovakian boys escaped from Auschwitz. In Budapest they submitted two protocols, one page-long the other 16, which were the first authentic descriptions of the death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau.

A múzeumok jellegük szerint Szakirodalom A metamuzeológia ellenőrző funkcióval rendelkezik. Normatív módon megítéli a muzeológia alapelvét, céljait, módszereit, és eredményeit egy magasabb rend nézőpontjából értékeli. Aki egy dolog lényegéig akar eljutni, annak az általános fejlődés mindenkori aktuális állásának megfelelő elméleti tudásra van szüksége. Ez a tudás képessé teszi empirikus adatok igazolására, az érzelmi ballasztok kiszűrésére és ellenőrizhető utak felmutatására a problémák megoldása érdekében.

Having transformed these minutes into a single document we translated it into English, German, French and Italian. The Hungarian version of the protocol was copied and presented to the Regent, to the members of the government and to some prominent members of the Hungarian political life.

Meanwhile Rezső Kasztner started negotiations with the Germans. He offered to get foreign Jews pay either money or war material for each Jew who was not sent to death camps but were let leave for a neutral country through Germany.

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This meant the preparation of the first so-called aliawhich resulted in the privileged state of prisoners: 24, in Mozgósítás 1939 suisse anti aging and 1, in Bergen-Belsen. Miklós Krausz, who was the secretary of the Palestine Office, and got asylum thanks to his contacts in the Department for Foreign Interests of the Swiss Embassy of Szabadság Square, started negotiations regarding the emigration with Consul Lutz, and using his political relations, also with head of police Batiszfalvy.

The 30th of June,the group of 1, people meant for Bergen-Belsen left.

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The following day, we started to register the next transports with the guide of Ottó Komoly and Rezső Kasztner in 12 Síp Street. Fábián Herskovits and me. On this meeting Miklós Krausz presented the following: The minutes we sent out at the end of June did reach their destination.

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As a result Roosevelt sent a memorial to the Hungarian government, anti aging termékek a 20-as évek közepének gardróbjához they made possible the emigration of those Jews who had a valid entry permit. This demand was answered by Prime Minister Sztójay, who agreed to set up an office coordinating the process of emigration as a part of the Swiss Embassy.

0052 2A 2 1 Waidacher PDF

On the top of that, at the end of June Miklós Krausz managed to make Ferenczy believe what was indeed happening in Auschwitz, and achieved that mozgósítás 1939 suisse anti aging would be a meeting organised between Ferenczy, his assistant Lullay, Batiszfalvy, Samu Stern,Károly Wilhelm and Ernő Pető in the flat of Samu Stern. At this meeting they agreed that in case the Regent as the supreme commander instructed the gendarmes of the countryside to come to Budapest, these would resist Germans even if they used force to deport the Jews on the 5th of July, which was the agreed date.

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That is what preceded the opening of the office in Vadász Street on the 24th of July. We chose the office of the Weiss company in 29 Vadász Street.

We made an appeal for this place in agreement with Artur Weiss, to the Housing Office of the government.

Early Holocaust testimony

Artur Weiss asked us to set up the office as soon as possible since the building would have been soon demanded also by his business rivals, and to preserve his dignity towards these rivals he also wanted to obtain a chief position there. Miklós Krausz as the head of the office entrusted him to be the administrative head.

The office opened the 24th of July. The first days Ferenczy and Batiszfalvy came to control whether the office functioned according to the intentions of the Hungarian government.

The job of this office was to register everyone who applied for a permission to emigrate to Palestine. Already in the first days, moreover, before the office was opened, we agreed in the emigration of several thousands of Jews scheduled for the first few weeks, who were to be transported in groups of 2, in personal vehicles, with collective passports through Romania.

Ferenczy and Krausz singled out the Palatinus-houses in Pozsonyi Road designated as a gathering place for the transports, from where they could collectively depart.

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These were the seeds of what later became the protected houses. The office in Vadász Street was clearly a Zionist institution or at least it started like that.

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We accepted the applications for passport mostly from Zionists. In the beginning of August, the fist collective passport was ready. It had two volumes.

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We immediately received the Hungarian exit permit and the Romanian transit permit. They did not want to give us the German exit permit though, because it was their goal to concentrate the rest of the Jews in the Western part of Hungary after the first transit left.

This was what legally happened in Vadász Street, and it was already heavily criticised by the journals, for example by Déli Magyar Szó 1Note 1: Southern Hungarian Word, where attention was directed to our activity twice in August.

It was however the most important to find a neutral place for illegal activity where there was no chance to be caught. The Embassy was an excellent place for that, which had naturally extraterritorial rights.

Evidently, we moved our illegal activity already in the first days to Vadász Street.