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Nor had the technology of cinematic magnification changed thierry paillot suisse anti aging the course of the twenties. The number and range of objects that appear before the camera are reduced to a minimum. Ornamental, architectural and sartorial period details are kept to a minimum.

The repression of detail is pronounced, given that Dreyer displayed great historical sensitivity by basing the film on transcripts of the 29 interrogations to which Jeanne had been put which he also limited in number.

This minimalism is matched by a persistent reduction of the optical capacity of the camera. The effect of such proximity is cumulative, so that despite the peripheral blocking simulating an obstacle between the object and viewer, the lack of space and the subsequent spatial jumps between set-ups gradually generates a sensation of claustrophobia.

The most striking of strictures Dreyer imposes, however, is his intense preoccupation with the face as subject-matter. For a thousand meters of film, nothing but heads.

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Not content with simply training his focal point on one among a multiplicity of subjects, Dreyer retracts as much spatial volume between camera and subject as possible close-up and encloses it within a frame whose circularity matches the roundness of the faces iris.

By inciting an attitude of passive desire in his viewer, Dreyer sets up ideal conditions of observation.

Preceding his turn to cinema, Balázs delivered a lecture entitled The Metaphysics of Comparison in which he described the implications of placing two perceived objects side by side. Rather, in such a state of closeness, the eye scans both objects until it finds an attribute they share egyik elemük közössége and then focuses ráállítja exclusively on it at the expense of all others.

Balázs goes so far as to claim that without such comparison, neither object would actually be seen. Because one cannot see everything equally and the concept of a whole never yields a concrete image.

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In other words, proximity or closeness here reworks the previous hierarchy of our visual attentiveness, to fore- and backgrounds for instance. It alters our normal operative vision on the basis of an arbitrarily defined perception of similarity or formal correspondence.

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The question of what closeness brings to the fore of the cinematic image can be most readily be understood through the visual effect of the same image repeated over time, in other words through montage.

She is cross-examined, intimidated, accused, humiliated, implored, deceived and eventually executed. Whereas a range of camera movements and montage are used to animate those in her environment, Jeanne is always filmed by a stationary and unblinking camera. Cropped hair outlines the face in a thin, dark contour. Expression condenses into the narrow, cross-like region of the facial features.

The face becomes a cathedral: eyes and brows, transepts; nose and mouth a nave. With each anti wrinkle cream advertisement of the inquisition, we are returned to this silhouette.

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Remarkably little changes. The constancy of its image makes it unbearable. It appears and reappears with the regularity of a personal pronoun, a subject whose default position is that of speaking, being spoken to hutten suisse anti aging being spoken about.

The sections of the face that conventionally serve as sites of emotional expression progressively lose their legibility, yielding instead an affective opacity in her features. The orography of the face vacillates.

Béla Balázs and the Eye of the Microscope

Seismic shocks begin. Capillary wrinkles try to split the fault. A wave carries them away. We see every thrust and every parried blow, every feint, every rapier lunge of the mind, and we see the wounds inflicted on the soul. By being near enough to the model to register fine details but far enough to remain immaterial, the silhouette depended on a positioning of viewer and viewed according to which the sitter appeared in an alternate spatial dimension.

In this condition of closeness, the reproduction yielded not resemblance but similarity, not surface appearance but surface impression. Rather, ranked as a question of typology, evolution, determinism, what emerges upon close analysis seems an object of greater material density, one that can be cut into, and one that responds with the expression of its thierry paillot suisse anti aging vitality.

Matter Although it is doubtful that Balázs at any time performed a vivisection, it is a significant but largely ignored fact that his younger brother was quite at home in such procedures.

Необходим прямо. Она встала, но ноги ее не слушались.

By the height of his career in Leningrad, he had amassed a considerable amount of empirical data, which he had gained through a variety of interdisciplinary experiments.

Along with his wife, Bauer remained open to the possibility that biology functioned according to laws other than those governing physics and thierry paillot suisse anti aging, and that they could be summarized in a single equation. Figure 4. Spontaneous change at time of death in normal muscle: 1.

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Ervin Bauer. Significantly, most of the evidence Bauer gathered was molecular, and therefore depended on optical devices such as microscopes in order to be observed. Figure 6 In the Hungarian translation of his book Theoretical Biology, one of the series of experiments is illustrated by four sets of four microphotographs.

We have evidence of him exploring already in Prague in at the General Biology and Experimental Morphology Institute of the Karolyi University the reactions of cells to the environment through applications of potentially life-threatening stress. The formal makeup of the sample changes with time. It begins as a thick weave of vertical striations divided by horizontal folds; five hours after its death, little has changed; after thierry paillot suisse anti aging hours, we note a radical loosening of the structure and forces at work such that the striations have dispersed and the horizontal segmentation, though still apparent, are rough and broken up.

By now the cells have lost their inner organization and tend toward chaotic scattering.

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For Bauer, the appearance of structure in the microscopic photograph served as evidence of energy-producing labor. Assuming that the energy was produced by the freeing up of chemical nutrients or the excitement of electrons within the cell, Bauer measured the electromagnetic field traversing the thierry paillot suisse anti aging of the cells in order to monitor the stages of sentience they underwent.

Bauer would conduct several more experiments in order to understand the laws of energy-production, or movement, within the cell, which for him defied prior conceptions of energy transfer. Closer to lifeless matter, the tissue loses its ability to maintain its autonomy from the pressure of external forces.

Like an inanimate but elastic body such as rubber or wire spring, writes Bauer, if a lifeless muscle is weighted down, it will stretch until the tension between its capacity of resistance and the downward force is zero. In other words, regardless of the circumstances, the living cell was never at rest, as this could result in a depletion of its resources and a consequent passive exposure to changes in its environment.

If anything, in a situation of stress, the living cell tended to maximize the amount of energy in its storehouse, i.

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The movement autonomously generated by a living organism when it was presumed to be most vulnerable was at its peak. At its greatest moment of disorder, it appeared to the eye as organized.

Inverser le Vieillissement - Thierry Hertoghe

The threshold between life and death was approached with increasing entropy. Despite the fact that these images were only significant with regards to the organism as a living, physiological whole, its signs of life had formally nothing to do with its external appearance and would have been completely unrecognizable to the naked eye. The interpretation performed by the microscope allowed for conclusions to be drawn regarding the entirety of the body it came from without showing anything other than a fragment of the same organism.

And lo and behold! Inside the face partial physiognomies come into view which betray qualities very different from those that could be gleaned from the overall expression.

With the close-up the new territory of this new art opens up. The abstract picture of the big things in life arises mainly from our myopia. But the magnifying glass of the cinematograph brings us closer to the individual cells of life, it allows us to feel the texture and substance of life in its concrete detail.

In the following section of the chapter, Balázs reiterates what he will state as evident throughout his writings on film —that the camera is none other than an instrument for the observation of life.

In this, Balázs would not have been alone. The relationship between the cinema of art and that of scientific research has begun to be explored by historians in a range of productive ways. Instead, he hogyan készítsünk anti aging lotionokat his near-lifelong commitment to medical biology, pharmacology and experimental physiology.

Of all the techniques of magnification, the microscope in the life sciences was most clearly built with the purpose of taking the thierry paillot suisse anti aging where it had never been before.

Csokits János: Pilinszky nyugaton, Budapest, Századvég,

The sole opaque object in the glass house, the elevator a black iron box with lights like gloomy all-seeing eyes looks like a backbone or a key in the pocket. Instead, the microscope was constructed to conquer an unknown space. As a scientific instrument, it did not renounce the possibility of union with its object; however, given that its purpose was to bring nearer that which was already near, its mechanism was defined by a perpetually displaced endpoint and an open vastness of space.

Rather than collapsing distance, the microscope was defined by its exponentiation. It would be difficult to overestimate the imaginative potency of the idea of broaching the skin of the visible.

The microscopic visualized in spatial terms the chaos of this moment of seamy transgression, for it did not provide any guidance beyond plunging the viewer into the unknown. Although the lens of the microscope could be adjusted to a particular focal point on the basis of mathematical calibration, space was and continues to be a complicated issue in microscopy. For the sample under a microscope is both too flat to do justice to the three-dimensional network of life, but also not flat enough to be certain of where one is within the narrow depth of field.

Ты никогда не смог бы проникнуть в почту коммандера. - Ты ничего не понимаешь! - кричал Хейл.  - На его компьютере уже стоял «жучок»! - Он говорил, стараясь, чтобы его слова были слышны между сигналами.

An interesting feature of the history of microscopes is the multiplicity of interpretations to which it gave rise, suggesting the extent to which microbes baffled scientists. For example, despite the existence of microscopic observation to describe cells and bacteria sinceit was only in that the cell was identified as a unit separated from other cells by walls and possessing of a structure.

Working in collaboration with the scriptwriter of medical dramas Eugene Gyalui and the medical researcher Constantin Levaditi, former colleague of the syphilis-specialist Paul Ehrlich, the director Eugene Janovics was by at the end of an extraordinary career which had established and contributed in major ways to the Hungarian and Romanian film industry.

Although there is little documentation regarding the film, it is clear that it was shot partially in situ the Dermatology Clinic of Cluj, so the instrument may have belonged to the laboratories. What is clear from the sponsorship and distribution of the film by the Transylvanian Inspectorate of Public Health was the expectation that the novelty effect anti aging termékek the technique could underscore its pedagogical intent.

Figure 5. Still from microcinematographic film. Vilagrém Menace. Eugene Janovics, Figure 6 Menace.

Eugene Janovics, Figure 7 Menace. The microcinematographic shot occurs twice in the film, one when the doctor diagnoses the main character Pierre Sylvain with syphilis, and a second time when Sylvain refuses to believe him. Figure 6 Realization of the significance of what is viewed is as difficult as it is physically consequent. The protagonist who is Sylvain will continue to appear as the actor Mihály Fekete, thierry paillot suisse anti aging he will drive forward the plot according to the capacities of a different organism.

Sylvain assumes two identities in playing the bad patient who will fail to abandon his mistress or to tell his family, resulting in contamination and death of differin anti aging eredmények a férfiaknál wife, and a good patient will simply abandon his family and spend the remainder of his days alone and as a menial worker in the US. But his potential fate as carrier of the virus will also be illustrated through the image of entirely other organisms, such as other patients shown to him by the doctor in the syphilitic ward of the hospital.

Figure 7 Sylvain does not resemble these bodies, nevetés svájci politikus anti aging range widely in age and gender, but this apparent difference masks a more essential similarity according to which all are configurations of the same biochemical molecule that is syphilis, its various expressions mere accidents of the time and place of its contagion.

The semantic equivalence of the various expressions of the virus dictated the logic according to which Menace unfolded. Aided by a microscope, the eye could see past the arbitrary expressions of individuality in physiognomy.

Figure 8 Les joyeux microbes. In other words, he appears to be claiming that film creates a identification between viewer and viewed. The idea of technical automation has a long history of association with renewed vision in art. Mais quel oeil!.

For the image should also express qualities that emanate from the filmed object itself. For in the latter case the montage ceases to be productive. Nor indeed by art of any kind. The associations that will be aroused by this cannot be predicted in advance. A warlike march tune can inspire combatants on both sides of the barricades.

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Even before, however, Balázs would have been exposed to the idea of training the mind through sense impression through his father, who in submitted a dissertation on the pedagogical nature of logical reasoning. If the apparatus of the cinema creates its signs through activating pre-existing configurations of form on the physiological surfaces of the viewer, how does it create anything new at all?

On the one hand, we have seen that what Balázs considers most innovative about cinema is the splitting of the optical viewpoint, so that what is gained is an eye that can see from the viewpoint of multiple selves Romeo looking at Juliet, Juliet looking at Thierry paillot suisse anti aging, etc.

If there is a conscious self that behaves according to the accepted practices of social convention, there is also an unconscious self that arrogates to itself the right to behave in ways often contrary to the will. Science represented another important commonality between Balázs and Surrealism.

As with the linguistic sign in Surrealism, the nature of the physiognomic sign was characterized by the paradox that it inhabited the body of the viewer and yet was alien to it. Much like objects perceived in the environment such as the actual Romeo and Julietthe depths of the somatic experience from which the physiognomic sign had originated were deemed autonomous thierry paillot suisse anti aging the self.

It is the cinematograph, a technology for the multiplication and dissemination of the products of the human mind, just like the printing Svájci ementáli anti aging, and its impact on human culture will not be less momentous.

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Throughout his writings, Balázs repeatedly states that the physiognomic sign resounds through the frame of the body, much like music[ 85 ]. These statements are partially explicit references to the work of Bergson, such that Balázs implicated the cinematic sign in a physiological notion of time and memory. Figure 9. Figure 9 In moving from the ideational contents of the concept or signified to the psycho-physical density of the image acoustique or signifier, the spoken sign traverses the somatic terrain by virtue of its physical nature as a wave.

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Again, the aesthetic qualities of the cinematic sign depended on a minute but ultimately critical difference from its scientific aspects. The physiognomic sign lacked the kind of stable identification between its signifier and signified that allowed for verbal language to develop into a socially conservative institution.

The cell, however, did not see me. This fact shook my view of the world. For, in fact, if the cell had had an eye, and it had looked straight into my eye, because of its particular perspective, it still would not have perceived my being, my human form [alak]. What is the point of all body culture [testkultura]?

Something cell-like comes along and does not even see you. Balázs notes a discrepancy between his perspective on bodily life and that of his body on the same life.

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This feeling of estrangement comes simultaneously with the recognition regardless of whether it is warranted that the cell is his own. Instead, what was once imagined as identical because metonymic the molecule and the body is now only close.

It is close in the sense of sharing a common feature, but also close in the sense of being at only an infinitely small remove. Both types of proximity pertained uniquely to the vision of the microscopic rather than physiognomic eye. The consequences on the experience of estrangement that are implied in the microscopic eye are vast and impute to cinema a unique potential for subversiveness. As cinema was a product of the very apparatus of capitalism that generated the phenomenon of alienation, the spectatorial response it solicited in the viewer was that of distancing from the self.