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    So as much as we want to like the Galaxy Note Pro, we really can't see any reason to be excited by it. Perhaps its near twin, the Galaxy Tab Pro, will offer better value for money, but we can't help but feel that as far as Android tablet sizes go, This tablet may not completely replace your laptop for many tasks, but it does come quite close.

    The display is very good and comes in a typical Samsung style. There are the gamut of features including the complete S-Pen ecosystem of apps.

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    A bunch of preloaded business centric apps give the tablet some extra productive capabilities than most tablets. However, the big screen size may be an issue for some users, and I am not really sure why the same could not have been replicated with the same screen size as the one on the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note Ethos lift anti aging vélemények love the screen, we love the S Pen, we love its general performance although not the responsiveness of the new UI elementsand we like the design.

    If you're looking for a versatile tablet-style device for business, however, this isn't the one we'd recommend.

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    Save up a little longer and go for a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 instead. And keep in mind that compared with Apple's iOS system, Android still doesn't have as many apps specifically designed for the tablet's screen size.

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    Many tablet apps are simply larger versions of phone apps. Reviewed as a purely business tablet, the Surface Pro 2 features an admittedly less pretty, but more functional design and superior performance. Thanks to the use of Windows 8. By comparison, while cheaper and still very enterprise friendly, the Galaxy Note Pro That said, for those interested in a device for work and play the Galaxy Note Pro The NotePro We think the NotePro is too expensive at £, especially when tablets are still an uncommon sight in the workplace.

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