How do you get rid of skin blemishes?

Best cream for deep wrinkles around mouth, What does your skin tell you about your health?

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Vélemények 0 Leírás A unique combination of micro-current, micro-vibrations, heat massage and optimal grip relieves your eyes after the first use. Thermotherapy Very pleasant massage achieving temperatures of 40 °C.

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It supports circulation of blood as well as metabolism and thus reduces dark circles under your eyes and redness. Prevents pain and swelling of your eyes which is due to long hours behind the computer screen for the most of us. Micro-current and vibrations The galvanic feature which functions on the basis of micro-current and vibrations calms the area around your eyes, stimulates the production of collagen and thus visibly reduces wrinkles after just few uses.

It helps the absorption of eye cream deep into the skin and helps rejuvenate damaged skin.

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Magic Finger positively affects other parts of your face such as forehead and best cream for deep wrinkles around mouth. It effectively gets rid of stored toxins and prevents black spots.

How it works No matter how good the features and effects are, it would be useless if inconvenient to use.

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All you have to do is insert one AAA battery, which is included in the package, and you can begin! Eye massage Do you suffer from excessive stress, lack of sleep and thus with swelling of your eyes?

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Eye massage removes under-eye bags and dark circles and thanks szemerősítő gyakorlatok that you will look and feel better. Moreover it visibly removes wrinkles which is surely to be appreciated by every woman. Directions: Grip the Magic Finger so that your fingers are touching the contact area with the metal strip on the top side of the device You can tell it is working by the heat and vibrations applied to your skin when in contact Apply eye cream on eye area Apply a moderate amount of eye cream around your eyes.

Massage both eye areas Hold the finger-contacting area and slowly roll it from inside to outside on the eye area and the required area with your eyes gently closed Apply pressure massage Gently press the eye areas shown in the image for 10 seconds per area.

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Igf 1 az anti aging times Massage under eyes Massage under the eyes about times drawing a circle moving to one side 2. Galvanic feature removes toxins from other parts of your face and serves preventively against black spots. Directions: Apply cleansing milk on your face Grip Magic Finger in way that your fingers are in contact with smart sensors Massage your face until the milk is fully absorbed Move the head from the centre of your forehead outside towards your ears Move the head from your chin towards the corners of your mouth Move the head from the corners of your mouth towards your ears We recommend watching and following the video bellow for a more complex massage.

You feel rejuvenated if you follow this tutorial!

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The eye massage is usually finished in under 5 minutes. The full face massage can last for up to 10 minutes or for as long as you feel comfortable with it.

How often should I use Magic Finger? We recommend at least 3 times a week.

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But you can use it every day and many people initially do because every time they are finished they feel completely relaxed. Does it matter what kind of cream I apply? You can use whichever cream you use normally.

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We recommend using gentle eye creams or serums for the eye area. How long until I can expect first effects?

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  • Added plus: It provides antioxidant defense against free-radical damage.
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We know from experience that you can feel muscle relief and relaxation already after the first use. It all depends on you.

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Same goes for the removal of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Results are usually visible after a few weeks of regular use. Can I use Magic Finger if I have false eyelashes?

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Same goes for use after a surgery and during pregnancy. Technical specifications.