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    Immersive experience in the European Parliament for high-school students.

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    Each year Euroscola invites thousands to spend a day in Strasbourg and become Members of the European Parliament. Students experience a day as an MEP, they get the opportunity to interact and exchange information in a foreign language and they are also given the possibility to introduce their school and the region where they come from.

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    Who can apply: Euroscola is designed for students between 16 to 18 years old; Students from all 27 European Union Members States can participate; Participation is awarded to schools, not individuals; Successful candidates get a subsidy towards the cost of their journey to Strasbourg France. There are approximately 20 Euroscola sessions per year; The selection procedure is organised by the European Parliament Information Offices; The first step is to win the national competition; Find your local EPIO here.

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    This is a recurring opportunity available for organisations and individuals deadline There are 21 days left Deadline: Euroscola contact information.